Due to the reconfiguration of the intersection of Camp Road and Folly Road, the Subway parking lot was reconfigured utilizing the area where the old Papa John’s stood to provide a new parking area for the Subway.


One of the most challenging aspects of the project is the drainage down Camp Road. The large diameter pipe is very deep, in very close proximity to protected grand trees and often being placed over, under, around and through utility lines; this process is very slow going as the contractor frequently has to hand dig these lines. In concert with the utility companies, the pipe work has continued down Camp Road without damaging any of the delicate fiber optic lines.


Three underground storage tanks were discovered at the corner of Folly Road and Camp Road, and research determined the tanks were abandoned in the 1960s. The project team, along with the assistance of SC DHEC, was able to safely remove and dispose of the tanks, which were filled with water, a common practice in the 1960s to prevent the tanks from floating if the groundwater levels were to rise. No fuel or contamination was discovered from these tanks.